Code Review is an iOS app for reviewing Bitbucket and GitHub pull requests.


  • Works on iPhone and iPad.
  • Connect one or more Bitbucket and GitHub accounts.
  • List and select repositories to view pull requests.
  • View and filter the list of pull requests for a selected repository.
  • Review pull request diff, side-by-side diff, file source and branch source files.
  • Add, edit and delete comments, respond to comments.
  • Approve, un-approve or merge pull requests.
  • Navigate the pull request diff quicker using the Files screen.
  • Rendered markdown in pull request descriptions and comments.

External keyboards

  • Use arrow keys to move the focus in a list screen, from one row to another.
  • Use Tab and Shift+Tab to move focus between elements on the screen.
  • Press Enter to tap on a selected element such as a button or a list row.
  • Shift + Enter to send the current draft comment.
  • Press and hold the Command key to view all available keyboard shortcuts.